Alamo 13.1 Half 2016 Race Recap

Race date: March 20, 2016

Another great race in the books!

The Expo was on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was planned around the same time as the HEB Big League Weekend event at the Alamodome, which was just down the street from packet pick up at the La Quinta. Traffic was a nightmare, and we were one of the last ones to make it next door into the Rivercenter parking garage (big mistake!). The Expo was straight to the point, and we were in and out within 10 minutes. I didn’t stop to check out the vendors, and the packet pick up line for the half was short. We weren’t so fortunate when it came to leaving the parking garage. The line was backed up multiple levels, because there was stop traffic outside the garage.


2016-03-19 14.59.45


RNRSA 2015 Half Marathon Race Day Recap

Finished my third half marathon on Sunday!! I honestly had so much fun. It’s going to be a tough one to top!


The weekend started off with the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday when I went to go pick up my packet at the Convention Center. I never really stick around for long, just picked up my number, gear bag, t-shirt and whatever free goodies I could gather. Tried some Kombucha soda, the rootbeer was delicious! Won a water bottle, and got soo many lightly salted snap peas. I also happened to watch a Q&A with Meb Keflezighi, and took a photo with him after!! (yes, J believes I’m becoming a total running nerd, which I took as a compliment!) Meb is definitely an inspiration, and so personable! I have no idea how he does it after meeting so many people.


6 Stages of Missing a Long Run

Hello all! So remember a week ago I mentioned that my training was going good “so far”? Well, I must have knocked on some pseudo-wood, and instead of waking up early this morning to hit the trail…I woke up and sulked on the couch.


4 weeks and counting until RNRSA 2015!



I am 4 weeks away from running my 3rd half marathon, so I figured I’d give a little update. Overall, my training has been going pretty well ::knock on wood::. But…attempting to hit a 4-runs-a-week training program this year didn’t work out. Instead, I’m running 3x a week with some scattered yoga, pilates, stretch routines, strengthening and cross training. I also recently switched my long runs to align with race day, but my next goal is to actually wake up at race time. I’ll start tapering in about 2 weeks. Some of my most recent challenges include rainy weather (flooded trails), and limited access to a treadmill. Good news is my gym should be re-opening again soon, and at least I’ll have it there for backup.


October | Happy National Physical Therapy Month!


Shout out to all of you who are part of the BEST PROFESSION EVER! Ha, so maybe that’s a biased opinion, but I honestly can’t say it enough…I LOVE WHAT I DO! I celebrated my 1 year anniversary at work a month and a half ago, and yes, I still get that tinge of excitement when I introduce myself as a physical therapist (PT). It was quite the journey to get here, but one I am grateful for and often enjoy reflecting upon.



Fall Favorites

Happy first day of fall!! Although it does not look or feel like fall here in Central Texas, a girl can dream! Here’s a list of my favorite things.


Autumn Leaves

Fall Favorites

  • Pumpkin everything! Yes, I’m totally unoriginal with this, but I just can’t help myself. This is about the time I begin stocking up on pumpkin puree…bring on the Pinterest pumpkin recipes! [Pumpkin Everything!]


Weekend Adventure

Happy Monday everyone! Had an overall awesome weekend. We rarely go to the movies, but the past week we’ve seen 3! Watched The Visit [ 👍 Definitely had me on edge, especially since I’m a wimp now with thriller/horror movies. Don’t want to give away too much, but definitely falls in line with M. Night’s original movie patterns.], Maze Runner: Scorch Trials [👎 Not too impressed. I enjoyed the first one more. This one seemed like a filler, and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could fill in gaps with details from the books.], and finally we saw Everest [👍 Overall I enjoyed it. It was an inspiring yet tragic story based on true events. I’m such a sap in movies and cry all the time now!]. As for my training, slowly moving up on my long runs. In a couple of weeks it will start to feel real again. Yesterday, we decided to go hiking at Government Canyon State Natural Area. I’ve been wanting to go for a while. I’d heard about it, but had no idea that this 12,000-acre preserve was only 30 minutes away from where we live! We only had time for a short hike, but I hope to head back soon!


Stitch Fix #2

Hello all! My week has been a busy one, but receiving another “Fix” definitely cheered me up! This time I had to go pick it up from the leasing office. It was pretty easy to point out the box to the girl at the front desk! 😛 Had to do a speed photo shoot, so excuse the lack of individual styling. I say that as an excuse. Let’s be honest, I don’t have much to style with, hence why I signed up for a “personal stylist” in the first place.


Where did the weekend go??

Hey there! Happy weekend, or at least what’s left of it! Yesterday, I finished up my first week of training. One of the reasons I started earlier this year, was so I could get used to keeping a schedule. This week was proof that a couple of trial weeks were definitely necessary! I missed a 2 mile run and xtraining, but I will try again next week. I’m fully aware that life happens, so I’m not too hard on myself. Here’s a quick summary of my first week of half-marathon training!

2015-08-22 19.55.07



Running season!


Although I try to make every season running season, I don’t kick it up a notch until training. Another year has passed, and tomorrow my half-marathon 16-week program begins! I’m starting a little earlier to spread out my milage, and hopefully avoid injury. I’ve put together a plan that works for me inspired from different sources (Hal Higdon, POPSUGAR fitness, This isn’t set in stone; now with a full-time job, I’ll have to make adjustments on the weekends I work and flex days. Join along these next few months for updates on my training!