I’m glad to say I survived my first week of clinical
rotations. =)

Have I mentioned how excited I am about my career choice!! The
clinic I’m at definitely incorporates a lot of one-on-one patient interaction,
which I LOVE. All week I met so many different types of patients. People have
so much to say! All you need to do is ask. At first I thought it might be
difficult to relate to some people, but even after a week, some patients have
really opened up to me. I have noticed they are more willing to open
up if they know more about who I am.
I really think it is important to convey to my patient’s that
my main goal is to help them reach their goals! For now, I’m still trying to
figure out the best way to do this. It is actually a VERY important step to
initiate a response from the patients. I know patient’s are willing to humor us
and go through the motions of PT, but it is a whole other challenge to really
convince them that there is a “method to my madness”.
Love those moments:
  • Love the fact that I was able to work with an
    actual stiff, post-op knee. Totally makes a difference compared to working with
    my classmate’s perfectly normal knee.
  • Love the learning moments I have with my CI. I’m
    completely open to constructive criticism. I’m aware that my technique becomes
    sloppy when I’m nervous, but it is great to hear an outside perspective.
  • Love signing my name on official patient


So I have a short, but most likely busy week ahead of me. Yet
again I hope to embrace and learn from the challenges ahead of me. Can’t wait
to see what the week brings!


On a side note: Go Spurs Go! =)