August 2013, Week 1:

So week 1 is over, and I am not going to lie…it was rough!
Things I wasn’t too happy about:
  • Ran on a treadmill all week. Why must you be so hot central Texas!!
  • Had to use the bike instead of hitting the pool. (Apparently Aqua Zumba interferes with my afternoon workout time…might need to aim for an AM session)
  • ^ On that note: I have no idea how to push myself when using a bike…I wasn’t motivated.
  • I accidentally ran a pace run on Wednesday, instead of waiting till next week…
  • I had a bad run on Thursday all thanks to–> cramps, tight calf ms, stomach issues, dehydration??
  • My 4miler on Saturday was a mental challenge…and boy did I struggle!
Although I was discouraged, I received what I considered a ‘sign’ to keep pushing through! As I walked back to my apt after my run, I saw a car with flashing lights and 13.1 smack dab in the middle staring me in the face! Half marathon here I come! 🙂
This is what I hydrated with afterwards. This travel mason jar from annaz1y96761 is so cute, I have been drinking more water since I got it! A family member brought it for me from Hawaii =)
H2O + lemon + strawberry