So BIG fail on my part for not keeping up with updates on my training. I guess I’m still trying to get used to this whole blogging thing. Here are some photos to sum up my training:







Training was going really well up until 2 weeks ago after my 11 mile long run on October 19, 2013. I continued with my weekday training, but felt a cold/sinus infection creeping up on Tuesday. Decided I’d rather stay in bed after work than go out for a run for the rest of the week, but I still attempted to wake up on Saturday morning for my long run. It didn’t work out; I was coughing up a storm and the thought of running in that state seemed miserable. I was feeling better as evening approached, so I decided to join the bf to toss the football, run some suicides and attempt a 40 yard dash. I didn’t push myself to my limit, just enough to get my heart pumping. I still wanted to attempt my long run Sunday morning. This time I prepared with some meds, and woke up feeling A LOT better. The bf joined me for the first 3 miles, and then I took off on my own. Everything was going as planned; I was keeping a steady pace, and I felt good overall. Roughly around 5 miles my hip just didn’t feel right. Suddenly I was experiencing a sharp pain with every step I took on my left side. I thought I could run through the pain, but it wasn’t going away. By mile 6 I had to start walking. At this point, I knew 12 miles was definitely not going to happen. I called the bf to come pick me up on the other side of the trail, and I came home defeated.

I’m not really sure what happened; maybe those suicides weren’t a good idea or maybe I should have stayed home until I was 100% feeling better. Either way, the fact is that I am two weeks away from race day, which means my tapering starts now. I didn’t even manage to attempt a long run this past weekend, because I’m still feeling under the weather. Truth is my hip doesn’t feel up to par either, my muscles are tight and my mid week runs were ROUGH to put it lightly. It felt like I was starting over at week 1.

Now how in the world am I supposed to think about tapering when my weekly milage already dropped significantly these past two weeks! I can be upset, but I’m fully aware that life happens and everything may not go as planned. All I can do now is continue with my training, take care of my health, strengthen my hip, and STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH. My goal is to FINISH. T-minus 14 days until race day!