So I’m ashamed to admit that my running mileage has dropped SIGNIFICANTLY since the half marathon. Suddenly a week of rest and light work turned into almost a month! No use in making excuses (Like.. it’s too cold, tired from work, not feeling well etc. etc.). Now that clinicals are over, I have PLENTY of time to make room for a run. Today I ran 5 miles at UTSA’s indoor track. One lap = 1/6 of mile! Oh my! I prefer less loops, buuut at least it was better than a treadmill…I think. The run felt good. Of course I never regret a run once I actually go out and do it. I just need to remember that feeling to get me up and going!

Anyway, I’m starting to think of goals for 2014, and I’m thinking that signing up for plenty of races is in order. I really think it will keep me on track, so I continue to progress. So far I’m pretty sure they will be local, since school will still be in session in the Spring and hopefully new job in the Summer/Fall. =) Many things to look forward to (I sense a list coming in the near future!) Well that’s all for now folks. This upcoming week’s weather is high in 60°s and low in 30°s/40°s. I guess it’s better than just staying in the 30°s like last week. I know this is NOTHING compared to other frigid places, but I am a Texas gal so I might freeze!! This article pretty much sums it up. 🙂 [10 Reasons Texans Hate Cold Weather]


Have you ever “fallen off the wagon”? What do you do to get back on track with your running/workouts?