So I’ve realized that the best way to set running goals is to act on my emotions. At least that’s how I ended up running my first half marathon! Now, for my first running goal of 2014…On a whim I’ve decided to participate in the 2014 Winter Miles Challenge by Jess (Brought to my attention by Lisa at Chasin’ Bunnies). The free challenge begins on January 6, 2014. It is exactly what I need to continue to make running progress and to stay motivated when I start my last semester of PT school. I’ve decided to choose the Intermediate level- 20 miles each week. I was barely running a little over 20 miles a week towards the end of my training, so I definitely think this will be a challenge.

Now that I have a goal for each week, I can start designing a running schedule to stay on track. Also trying to decide what type of races I’ll be signing up for next year. I have two races under my belt:

  • The El Paso Physical Therapy Association 5K Run on September 25, 2010- 27:51:8
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio 1/2 Marathon on November 17, 2013- 2:24:18
Not much of a list, but a start! Looking forward to adding to it! Stay tuned for running schedule and 2014 races. =)
Have you set your goals for 2014? Did you join any challenges to help you stay on track?