Well, I think it’s safe to say, “it’s been awhile”. Unfortunately, my little friend I like to call procrastination wasn’t just a bad school habit…more like a bad life habit.

Anyway, here’s the lost time in a nutshell:
▪️ My blogging stopped shortly before a young local woman was killed along a popular trail I frequently ran on. She was so similar to me, that she very well could have been me. Suddenly what I considered “my escape” was now consumed with fear and anxiety. It took a while for me to start running outdoors again, but I like to think I’m not one to allow fear to control me. I’ll try to write up a list of some of the steps I took to make my outdoor runs safer.

▪️ I officially survived PT school!! Graduated with my entry level Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree.
Classic Grad Photo: Wore a fancy puffy hat (⬅️ that’s the technical term)


Went from new grad ➡️ licensed PT (passed my board exam!!) ➡️ full-time PT, DPT at an awesome Rehab!
▪️ My Spurs became the 2014 NBA Champions!! (Currently in the 2015 NBA playoffs… Go Spurs Go!!)
▪️ Ran my 2nd 1/2 marathon on a semi injured IT band, but a new PR!
▪️ 2014 was a pretty awesome year! This year is not too bad either. I’ve been running sporadically, barely trying to escape my winter funk. Here’s a sum of my sad April list. A few runs is better than no runs!

How’s your year going??

Have you been running??