So…I’m pretty sure “someday” should be coming up… right…about…NOW!  It doesn’t help that I live in scrubs or work-out clothes most of my days. As I look down at my 5 year old jeans and one of my many collected t-shirts, I’ve realized, that I might need a little help in the wardrobe department.  I’ve decided to hire a personal stylist!! Yes, it might seem a little extreme, especially for a “Plain ol’ Jane” like me, BUT who cares, a girl has to live a little, right??


Photo proof of my lack of style. Don’t mind the multicolor socks!



Anyway, It’s not as extreme as you think. Surely, a little late, but I’ve decided to see what Stitch Fix is all about. Apparently, it’s as simple as filling out a style profile, picking a shipping date, and then having 5 items styled to your personal liking, arrive at your doorstep! The style profile is pretty detailed. You can even attach one of your Pinterest boards to help your stylist get a better idea of what you’re into.

I’m a little hesitant on whether fitting will be an issue, or the fact that the average item price ($55) is a little above my preferred price range for an article of clothing or accessory. Although, I am excited that I don’t have to step foot into a crowded mall. I don’t have to worry about finding my perfect outfit, & then to my dismay realize it’s not in my size! One of the best parts is, I can try on these clothes in the comfort of my own home. For someone who doesn’t like to shop, all of these are

Needless to say, I’m really excited about my first shipment arriving in June. Stay posted to to see how it goes!

Have you ever used Stitch Fix? If so, are you a fan?
Do you love to go shopping?