My first Fix has arrived! By the way, receiving the package is exciting in itself! Now, just to remind you, I signed up for Stitch Fix a few weeks ago, just to see what the fuss is all about. Since I’m no fashion guru, naturally I needed some extra “styling advice”, so I filled out a style profile, linked my style Pinterest board,and Voilà! A few weeks later, a personal stylist has selected 5 items specifically for me!





  • Items #1 & #2: So, I liked the idea of this shirt, but it is obviously see-thru, therefore, I’m not a fan. The stylist said to pair the necklace with this top, which I would have liked better if the necklace was a little shorter.
The Westwoode Pleated Henley Blouse by Paradigms & the Preslie Etched Bib Necklace by Romolo


  • Item #3: I loved this top when I tried it on! The material was soft and very comfortable. When I actually saw it on, I didn’t think the fit & style worked on me. Maybe if it hugged my waist a little more I would’ve liked it better.


The Serratoga Lace Trim Damask Print Tank by Mystree


  • Items #4 & #5: The stylist recommended I combine both of these items. This top was my favorite when I first opened the box! I loved the cut and pattern, but I wasn’t completely sold…until I tried it on! I feel like this one fit me better than the other tank. I wasn’t a fan of the jeans…not sure if boyfriend jeans just make me look shorter, or maybe the fit was just all wrong for me.
The Bryant Embroidered Top by THML with the Sonja Boyfriend Jean by Mavi



#1: The Westwoode Pleated Henley Blouse by Paradigms ➜ RETURNED

#2: The Preslie Etched Bib Necklace by Romolo ➜ RETURNED

#3: The Serratoga Lace Trim Damask Print Tank by Mystree ➜ RETURNED

#4: The Bryant Embroidered Top by THML ➜ KEPT

#5: The Sonja Boyfriend Jean by Mavi ➜ RETURNED


So only 1 out of 5 first time around. I wouldn’t exactly call this a fail. I felt like I could have worn pretty much all the items, but I think some needed a little tweaking here and there. Now, I’m still not completely sold on being a regular customer, maybe just as a “luxury” every once in a while. The convenience is definitely a plus for me. I love being able to try on the items in the comfort of my own home, and being able to mix and match with items I already own. It’s also really easy to send back whatever you don’t want. On the other hand, some items are a little too simple for the price they’re running. Price range was $34.00 – $88.00, avg. ~$55.00. What can I say, I’m a Target gal. Ha! That should explain my usual price range. Overall,  it was a fun experience! I’ll keep you all updated on my next “Fix”. If you’re curious, and want to try it out for yourself, I’d appreciate it if you could click on my Stitch Fix referral links! Thanks!



What do you think, did I keep or return the right items?

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