Although I try to make every season running season, I don’t kick it up a notch until training. Another year has passed, and tomorrow my half-marathon 16-week program begins! I’m starting a little earlier to spread out my milage, and hopefully avoid injury. I’ve put together a plan that works for me inspired from different sources (Hal Higdon, POPSUGAR fitness, This isn’t set in stone; now with a full-time job, I’ll have to make adjustments on the weekends I work and flex days. Join along these next few months for updates on my training!

16-week program


Disclaimer: This plan has been developed specifically for myself, and will be adjusted accordingly to my needs. I have made it public as a guide. This does not take the place of a health care professional/trainer consult. Readers who rely solely on this plan and fail to consult with appropriate health professionals assume risk of any injuries.



  • Are you training for a run coming up soon?
  • How do you fit your runs into your work schedule?