Hello all! My week has been a busy one, but receiving another “Fix” definitely cheered me up! This time I had to go pick it up from the leasing office. It was pretty easy to point out the box to the girl at the front desk! 😛 Had to do a speed photo shoot, so excuse the lack of individual styling. I say that as an excuse. Let’s be honest, I don’t have much to style with, hence why I signed up for a “personal stylist” in the first place.


  • Item #1, #2, and #3: 

My stylist recommended I combine these 3 items for a “casual outfit with a boho twist,” and I liked all 3 items! This look is definitely me. The shirt was my favorite, the jeans actually fit, and the necklace falls in line with my type of jewelry. Unfortunately, I have a shirt similar to this in the same color, I’m not really in need of anymore skinny jeans, and well, the necklace didn’t wow me as much as I would’ve liked.

The Adorra Skinny Jean with Rinaldi Crochet Detail Blouse and Sylvie Double Crescent Collar Necklace
  • Item #4

First of all, I didn’t have a plain black or white top to go with this skirt, so I just threw on an old faded top. But the focus here is the skirt, which I absolutely hated! I don’t think any top could have saved this skirt. I felt like my hips were popping out, and well the pattern and color were a little too bold for me. The only thing I appreciated was the length of the skirt, which allowed me to wear with flats or sandals. I have yet to pull off a maxi skirt. Not sure if they’re for me.

Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt
  • Item #5

I wasn’t too sure about this dress. After I tried it on, I realized it was more me than I thought. I think it’s a great color! I appreciate that the dress is a thicker material, so it’ll keep it’s form. I also like that it’s versatile; I can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. I think the dress length is perfect on me, and I actually like the sleeve length. Overall, I really like the dress, but I can’t decide if I like the way it looks on me…

Sindy Dress



#1: Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean ➞ RETURNING

#2: Daniel Rainn Rinaldi Crochet Detail Blouse ➞ RETURNING

#3: Romolo Sylvie Double Crescent Collar Necklace ➞ RETURNING

#4: Loveappella Cheyanne Printed Maxi Skirt ➞ RETURNING

#5: Amour Vert Sindy Dress ➞ UNDECIDED


Not a total miss with this fix, but I am disappointed I won’t be keeping more items, if any. Prices ranged from $28 to $98. I had made a special request for some dressier items for certain occasions, which my stylist did make an effort to tackle. For each “Fix”, a photo is provided of each item showing how it can be dressed up or down. Definitely helps! If you are thinking about having a personal stylist send clothes/accessories to your doorstep, please use my Stitch Fix referral link! Honestly, the service can be a hit or miss. But, at least you get to decide whenever you want to receive a “Fix”, and it’s a lot of fun trying on the clothes! Check out my previous review.



  • Which item(s) did you like?
  • Have you received a “Fix” recently? Share a link to your review in the comments!