Hey there! Happy weekend, or at least what’s left of it! Yesterday, I finished up my first week of training. One of the reasons I started earlier this year, was so I could get used to keeping a schedule. This week was proof that a couple of trial weeks were definitely necessary! I missed a 2 mile run and xtraining, but I will try again next week. I’m fully aware that life happens, so I’m not too hard on myself. Here’s a quick summary of my first week of half-marathon training!

2015-08-22 19.55.07


I am trying to avoid injury this year with a gradual milage increase and more strengthening/stretching. Decided to go with pilates for my strengthen & stretch day. I have this REALLY old Gaiam pilates DVD that I always turn to. I have yet to overcome my fear of doing yoga or pilates in public. In this case, I’m able to embarrass myself in the comfort of my own home as my fiancé snickers in the background. Let’s just say one move involved “clapping like a seal”…yah…




As for how I feel during the first couple weeks of training, this comic pretty much sums it up! If only passersby knew how hard I was working to “keep it cool” whenever I waved or nodded hello.






1. What workout do you avoid doing in public?

2. Are you training for anything coming up soon?