I am 4 weeks away from running my 3rd half marathon, so I figured I’d give a little update. Overall, my training has been going pretty well ::knock on wood::. But…attempting to hit a 4-runs-a-week training program this year didn’t work out. Instead, I’m running 3x a week with some scattered yoga, pilates, stretch routines, strengthening and cross training. I also recently switched my long runs to align with race day, but my next goal is to actually wake up at race time. I’ll start tapering in about 2 weeks. Some of my most recent challenges include rainy weather (flooded trails), and limited access to a treadmill. Good news is my gym should be re-opening again soon, and at least I’ll have it there for backup.


2015-11-08 16.35.53
Sunday Runday


Today’s scheduled long run was a 10 miler. Extra focus on speeding up the last 5 miles in the hopes of “finishing strong”. Other than some occasional hip, knee, and foot twinges, I like to think I was able to work through them by consciously adjusting my gait. (PT perks!) Need to keep targeting my hip/booty muscles during my strength training, so I can avoid any IT band issues like last year. On that note, looks like I’ll also be meeting up with my foam roller in the near future.


Decided to run today without music. Helps me focus on my breathing, hear my steps, and enjoy the sounds of nature. Everyone seemed to be taking advantage of today’s weather. Overheard some runners passing me, and one was on mile 10 of 20 (although this was her easy run, since she usually runs 100 milers 😳), and the other was also running 20 preparing for his marathon this week. For a moment…as I huffed and puffed on mile 7, I started to think, “Wow, I am nowhere near that!!” After my self-pity party, I redirected my mentality toward MY personal goals, and today’s goal was to finish strong! Yes, I’m a slow runner [on many runner’s standards], but I’m definitely proud of the PBs/PRs I’ve been able to accomplish the past few years since I’ve started running.


2015-11-08 16.39.49
Today’s splits


Here’s to positive thoughts, DOMS to remind me i’m still kickin’, and ~60 more miles until race day!




  • Do you have a race coming up?
  • What recent goal have you set for yourself?