Hello all! So remember a week ago I mentioned that my training was going good “so far”? Well, I must have knocked on some pseudo-wood, and instead of waking up early this morning to hit the trail…I woke up and sulked on the couch.

I was recently experiencing some tight hip muscles, so I’ve been extra focused on stretching and strengthening some stubborn areas. On Friday I went for a run, and I was actually feeling pretty good, that is until I started to experience a nagging pain on the outside of my right knee. This feeling was all too familiar, and memories of my last half-marathon came rushing back. Same pain from last year, but I can’t remember if it’s the same leg. I knew it wasn’t something to mess with, so I stopped and had to walk the rest of the way. As for self-diagnosis, it is definitely my IT-Band, and well, I can think of various causes. The fact that this is a repetitive injury, shows there may be an issue with my routine and most likely with my body mechanics/running gait. After I work on a temporary fix, I’ll plan for long-term adjustments.

It’s hard to make the decision to pull the reins on my training, but I have to run smart, especially with 3 weeks to go! It makes me nervous, but I’ll adjust my training and focus on some rehab. I really hate backing down so close to race day, but the goal is at least to make it to race day. Next week I’ll re-asses, and hope for the best.



6 Stages Of Missing A Long Run


  1. Self-Pity: Woke up early to sulk on the couch, and the fiancé found me sitting in the dark…




2. Longing: Caught staring out the window thinking of all the runners completing their Sunday runday.


“All by myself”


3. Over-indulging: Comfort food of all sorts…

“I’m ready to wallow now”


::30 minutes later::




 4. Epiphany: Suddenly feeling empowered





5. Improvising: Trying to find new workouts








6. Anticipation: Looking forward to my next run…





  • How have you made it through an injury mid-training?
  • What are your stages to missing a long run?