Race date: March 20, 2016

Another great race in the books!

The Expo was on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was planned around the same time as the HEB Big League Weekend event at the Alamodome, which was just down the street from packet pick up at the La Quinta. Traffic was a nightmare, and we were one of the last ones to make it next door into the Rivercenter parking garage (big mistake!). The Expo was straight to the point, and we were in and out within 10 minutes. I didn’t stop to check out the vendors, and the packet pick up line for the half was short. We weren’t so fortunate when it came to leaving the parking garage. The line was backed up multiple levels, because there was stop traffic outside the garage.


2016-03-19 14.59.45

Had we not just lost our parking, we would have considered grabbing some food at the food court to wait it out. An hour later…a patrol officer started managing traffic, so we finally made it out. The good news is we didn’t have to pay the parking fee, since they wanted to keep traffic moving (I would have probably been more upset if I had to pay more for sitting in traffic). The race reps were apologetic on their FB page. They extended the Expo time, and also had RACE DAY packet pick up. Mistakes happen, and I don’t hold it against them. I still got my packet, and I made it to the start line on race day! =)


2016-03-19 15.25.11


RACE DAY! Started my usual race day routine with my alarm set for 5am, of course I was waking up every 15 min starting at 4am though. 🙄 Chugged a bottle of H20, and made my pre-race meal of oatmeal with peanut butter, mashed banana, dried cranberries, and pecans. Oh and of course my gear was laid out in traditional flat runner fashion to save some time.




Arrived by the Alamo at around 6:45am. J dropped me right next to the Alamo, and there was zero traffic! He was able to get right back on the freeway to head home. Definitely an advantage with smaller local races! I met up with a friend, visited the nearby porta potties (fully equipped with toilet paper and hand sanitizer FTW!), and warmed up by the start line. I’ve only ran the Rock n Roll, so I’m not used to NOT having a corral to start in. No worries, the race still kickstarted with a bang! Literally, there were live multiple Musket Volley! I was scatterbrained, and somehow had my belt on wrong, so I spent the first couple minutes “sorting” myself out.

2016-03-20 06.48.25-1


I failed to mention that my training sort of went downhill after Rock n Roll in December, and my longest run was an 8miler a couple weeks before race day. I didn’t place too much pressure on myself, since I didn’t train well. I didn’t want to risk injury. I didn’t have a goal time…just decided to “wing it”. As for the course, I absolutely loved it! I don’t know if part of it was that half the time I felt like I was running alone on an empty pathway, or if this was just a better scenic route. The trail was pretty flat, I think I remember only one baby hill. I had some issues when we ran along a “rougher” park trail…I started to develop some foot/plantar fasciitis like pain, which by the way I have NEVER had. Fortunately, as soon as there was a surface change, the pain completely disappeared. My favorite part was running along the riverwalk towards the end. Although, I do have a blurred memory of having to run down a couple of steps, which I’m just glad I didn’t have one of my typical klutz episodes! I was completely shocked that I PR’d this race! Just a tad bit faster than my December race. I do believe I owe credit to the aaaamaaazing running weather we had!! It started at 45deg ranging to mid 50s/60s.



One of my favorite parts about race day is refueling! Alamo 13.1 surely did not disappoint! I enjoyed a fruit mix, chicken bowl from Pollo Tropical (one of my faves!), a baked potato (which hit the spot!), and of course my well deserved Alamo draft beer! Although I was no where near placing in any of the categories, I enjoyed sticking around listening to the band and watching the award ceremony! Another plus…check out the awesome medals!! Definitely one of my faves! Overall, really enjoyed this race, and I would definitely sign up again!


2016-03-20 10.24.36-1