(I started this draft a long time ago, but obviously failed to complete it. Better late than never, right?! 😏)


On December 4th, 2016, I completed my 5th half-marathon! Not only did I add another medal to my collection, but I completed the entire race (well almost πŸ™„ <– you’ll see where I’m going with this later) with my husband by my side! Not only did I run it with my husband ( oh yah! I’m officially a married woman! I’ll save that blurb for another day though. πŸ˜‰), but we ran it in the cold and pouring rain!! β›ˆβ˜”οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I’m not going to lie, training for this race dropped on the list of priorities in the months leading up to the race. As a surprise wedding gift, despite his aversion towards running, J signed up for RNRSA 2016 to celebrate our 13 years of dating with 13.1 miles! How cute is he?! 😍 Anyway, this is the boost we needed to kick our last month of training into full gear!!! Or at least help us aim for a “just finish” goal while avoiding injury of course 😊 (Says the PT in me πŸ˜…)


All signs were against us. J was glued to the couch surrounded by kleenex boxes and meds, all while the weather forecast predicted 100% chance of rain rain rain! Here’s a glimpse of my shopping cart the day before race day.


water βœ… epsom salt βœ… ponchos βœ…


The morning started ALMOST like any other race day…5am alarm, chug some water, and eat a bowl of oatmeal. I still get nervous before races, but it’s more like an excited kind of nervous. Unlike other race days, this time we were receiving early morning severe weather alerts. Wondering if the race would still go on didn’t help with nerves, but at least J would be with me. Fortunately, the morning weather was cool, and the rain stopped as we headed to the race.


Race parking was a little more than a mile away from the start line, so a good warm up walk to start with. This was a new course, so it took a little longer to find everything. I was super excited to find a hidden public bathroom on the way rather than having to wait at a porta potty line! Luckily check in was quick and easy, because we were running a little late…we got to our corral just a little before it was going to cross the start line!


Rain started as soon as we reached the start line, but we came prepared! β˜”οΈ


The run started pretty great actually. Had a descent early pace, and the on and off rain actually felt nice. It was cold though…it was in the 50s I believe, but the wind chill definitely made it feel colder. At around mile 5 or 6, the rain really picked up. Running in the rain was exciting for all of 5 seconds! 😩 We wanted to quit so bad! It felt like when our socks finally started to dry off, we’d run into another flooded street. Somehow we managed to push through… It was so nice to still have so many spectators cheering us on, and even a group of mariachis were playing for us!


So excited to see friends as we were about a mile out from the finish line.


Our amazing friends stood out in the pouring rain just to cheer us on! How great are they?! 😊


The last half of the race consisted of us trying so badly to finish, because our hands and feet were sooo cold. J really helped motivate me the last mile, and just when I thought we’d finally cross the finish line hand in hand πŸ’•…J had a different idea. πŸ˜’ He looked me straight in the eyes and shortly before turning the corner to the finish line he said, “you know I have to beat you, right?”. So guess what this crazy boy did… He took off sprinting ahead of me!!


This is our lovely finisher photo, and now we have it framed in our living room! πŸ˜‚


I’m actually surprised we finished at the pace we did. It was definitely a memorable race, and I’m glad we were able to share it together. Now I can say I’ve ran a half-marathon in the pouring rain β˜”οΈ, but definitely not something I’ll aim to do again. 😊







The lovely result of running with wet socks…which also lead to me eventually losing 3 toenails!


Me and my co-workers, who survived the rainy RNRSA 2016!