Have you ever found a good deal for a half-marathon and signed up on a whim? Well, that’s exactly what I did…A MONTH before the race. Did I also mention that my weekly mileage was at an all time low, oh and one more thing…it was a night race!!

On April 28, 2017, I ran the Carnival of Venice half marathon at Brackenridge golf course, which started at 8:00pm. I didn’t have a headlamp, but I carried a small flashlight the whole way. I’d like to say I started off too fast or the weather was terrible, but the truth is I did not train properly. Every added mile felt terrible. Running a small, local night race is soo hard…you really are left alone with your thoughts with minimal spectators to feed energy off from. I was fortunate my hubby and friends were cheering me every 4 miles, but i’m not gonna lie…I tried to convince J that I was done by mile 6, but of course he didn’t let me quit. I must have walked majority of the race; I felt so achingly slow, but somehow I still managed to pass that darn finish line. Let me just say…lesson learned! I felt the worse I’ve ever felt after a race, but somehow I still managed to  celebrate with friends and a Whataburger jr. 😊

Right before the race started


Hubby always there to support me


Loved the sign my friends made for me!


My slow slow slow results! This is the slowest I’ve finished a half!