Hi there, and welcome to Live*Learn*Run! I am really excited to take on this new project, which has become my outlet for personal growth. I happily invite you to partake on this next chapter of my life, as I share about (in no particular order):

  • Taking on my new career as a physical therapist
  • Aiming to live a budget-friendly lifestyle
  • Trying to balance my love for food with a healthy medium
  • Attempting to run at any chance I get
  • Conquering the world with my other half

I know I don’t have all the answers (understatement of the year), but I hope you can learn from my experiences, sources, and mistakes. I am no wordsmith, but I am learning as I go. I welcome constructive feedback and positive open communication. I hope you will be inspired, educated, and appreciative of life’s wonders! Stay tuned and enjoy!

                                                                              Truly, Jax


TidbitsDSCN3475 2

  • I’m an introvert who enjoys the occasional days of silence and solitude, which gives me time to work on my various creative outlets. 🙂
  • When I find the right dynamics with certain people, I can be silly/dorky in my own way; I’d like to think my husband finds it endearing.
  • Not once have I sang the correct lyric to any song, EVER!
  • Food is my “love language”. Buy me flowers, and they’ll probably die the next day. Feed me, and I’ll remember forever.
  • I ran my first half marathon in 2013 (Checkout my Recap). Hopefully many more to add to the list!
  • You will most likely find me with a camera in hand.
  • Favorite destination: Definitely a close tie between my England/Scotland trip, Seattle/Alaskan Cruise, and Mediterranean Cruise. 
  • I’m a big sports fan, and by big I mean huge, and by sports I mean nachos!


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