Fall Favorites

Happy first day of fall!! Although it does not look or feel like fall here in Central Texas, a girl can dream! Here’s a list of my favorite things.


Autumn Leaves

Fall Favorites

  • Pumpkin everything! Yes, I’m totally unoriginal with this, but I just can’t help myself. This is about the time I begin stocking up on pumpkin puree…bring on the Pinterest pumpkin recipes! [Pumpkin Everything!]


Weekend Adventure

Happy Monday everyone! Had an overall awesome weekend. We rarely go to the movies, but the past week we’ve seen 3! Watched The Visit [ 👍 Definitely had me on edge, especially since I’m a wimp now with thriller/horror movies. Don’t want to give away too much, but definitely falls in line with M. Night’s original movie patterns.], Maze Runner: Scorch Trials [👎 Not too impressed. I enjoyed the first one more. This one seemed like a filler, and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could fill in gaps with details from the books.], and finally we saw Everest [👍 Overall I enjoyed it. It was an inspiring yet tragic story based on true events. I’m such a sap in movies and cry all the time now!]. As for my training, slowly moving up on my long runs. In a couple of weeks it will start to feel real again. Yesterday, we decided to go hiking at Government Canyon State Natural Area. I’ve been wanting to go for a while. I’d heard about it, but had no idea that this 12,000-acre preserve was only 30 minutes away from where we live! We only had time for a short hike, but I hope to head back soon!


Stitch Fix #2

Hello all! My week has been a busy one, but receiving another “Fix” definitely cheered me up! This time I had to go pick it up from the leasing office. It was pretty easy to point out the box to the girl at the front desk! 😛 Had to do a speed photo shoot, so excuse the lack of individual styling. I say that as an excuse. Let’s be honest, I don’t have much to style with, hence why I signed up for a “personal stylist” in the first place.


An Ode To My Father On Father’s Day

A couple of days ago marked the seven year anniversary of my father’s passing. Seven years may seem like a long time ago, but parts of that time remain very vivid. He passed away after fighting through a ~5 month period filled with a series of hospital complications. Memories of hospital waiting rooms, ICU hallways, dreaded phone calls, loud monitors, and that ambiguous hospital smell linger on. It’s difficult to describe losing a parent at the age of 20. During those few months, we were always told to “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Fortunately, my dad made it home to celebrate his 55th birthday in the presence of family, and just for a moment, we started letting our guard down. He was only home for about a month, but I will always be grateful for that extra time with him.


Joe R 1



Stitch Fix #1


My first Fix has arrived! By the way, receiving the package is exciting in itself! Now, just to remind you, I signed up for Stitch Fix a few weeks ago, just to see what the fuss is all about. Since I’m no fashion guru, naturally I needed some extra “styling advice”, so I filled out a style profile, linked my style Pinterest board,and Voilà! A few weeks later, a personal stylist has selected 5 items specifically for me!




Summer Vacay!

I’ve decided to kick this blogging thing up a notch, with a new name and new look! It is still a work in progress, so stay tuned as I continue to make some changes.


On another note, summer vacation is officially here! That phrase doesn’t apply to me anymore, but at least there’s less traffic on my way to work, heh. It’s hard to believe it’s already June! There are a few things that I’m looking forward to this summer:

  • Snow cones, homemade popsicles, and watermelon! Mmmm
  • Gilmore Girls Reunion at ATX Festival TODAY! Unfortunately I don’t have tickets to attend, but hoping for a live stream??? (more…)

Someday I’ll Dress Like A Grown Up

So…I’m pretty sure “someday” should be coming up… right…about…NOW!  It doesn’t help that I live in scrubs or work-out clothes most of my days. As I look down at my 5 year old jeans and one of my many collected t-shirts, I’ve realized, that I might need a little help in the wardrobe department.  I’ve decided to hire a personal stylist!! Yes, it might seem a little extreme, especially for a “Plain ol’ Jane” like me, BUT who cares, a girl has to live a little, right??


Photo proof of my lack of style. Don’t mind the multicolor socks!



It’s Been Awhile

Well, I think it’s safe to say, “it’s been awhile”. Unfortunately, my little friend I like to call procrastination wasn’t just a bad school habit…more like a bad life habit.

Anyway, here’s the lost time in a nutshell:
▪️ My blogging stopped shortly before a young local woman was killed along a popular trail I frequently ran on. She was so similar to me, that she very well could have been me. Suddenly what I considered “my escape” was now consumed with fear and anxiety. It took a while for me to start running outdoors again, but I like to think I’m not one to allow fear to control me. I’ll try to write up a list of some of the steps I took to make my outdoor runs safer.